rhoma irama

Who doesn’t know Rhoma Irama , the country’s number one dangdut musician. His name is so popular and a myriad of achievements and awards he has won.

Rhoma is fairly successful in the music world. In fact, until he is no longer young, the man nicknamed the King of Dangdut still continues to prove his existence through his works and stage performances until now.

In addition, Rhoma also has a fantastic number of fans. Independent survey ‘Asian Globe’, released the largest number of fans of Indonesian music is Fans Of Rhoma and Sonnet (FORSA) with 25 million members.

This figure far surpasses OI, which is only 6 million fans of Iwan Fals and Slank with its Slankers which is only 4 million.

We can download mp3 songs of Rhoma Rhythm using mp3 download websites such as Endtheli, Metrolagu and others.

However, behind his current success, Rhoma has experienced bitter things when he struggled to revolutionize the Malay orchestra into dangdut.

In addition to getting ridicule and insults from fellow musicians, it turns out that Rhoma Irama song was rejected by the producer.

“Being bullied, what is Grandma going to do, what is this Malay orchestra doing. Until my first recording, the recording of the Malay orchestra was rejected by the producer, what orchestra is this?,” said Rhoma Irama, quoted Thursday (21/07/2022) from the Rhoma Irama Official YouTube entitled ” Rhoma Irama At Archipelago Festival 2018. ”

Regarding the producer’s rejection of the song for recording, Rhoma admitted that he did not feel sad and regretful. According to him, in upholding one’s principles, one must feel bitter.

“No, upholding the principle must be hungry, I said, upholding the principle is hunger, the consequence is hunger,” he said.

The singer of ‘Begadang’ continued his story that the reason the producer rejected his song was because it was not in accordance with the true standard of Malay orchestral music.

“In the past I wanted to make this dangdut, which was opposed by the producer, what is this, what is this, make a true Malay orchestra, I said, I want to take it if not, that’s fine!” the story.